How to fix Google Play Store stop working

google-play-stop-workingYou may have received an error message when loading applications or it does not work when you launch the application. The following are some tips for you to do work for Google Play Store on your phone seamlessly.

1 – Clear the cache
In most cases, you only need to clear the cache of the Google Play Store app. This is a temporary storage area for storing application data helped load the data quickly without having to reload. This makes the page reload a lot quicker.

You go to Settings -> Apps. Then switch to the All tab and then find the Google Play Store app. Select it and then select the Empty Cache or Clear Cache.

2 – Remove Data
If the first method does not help in any way then you can try to delete the data from the data Google Play Store. This will erase all the data stored information when you use Google Play. To make you choose the Delete Data (Clear Data).

3 – Remove the Play Store updates
Sometimes an update will be Google Play will cause a conflict there, so you can uninstall an update that you can do by going into the settings, seeking to Google Play Store and click the button that says “Uninstall Updates”. This will make Google Play back with the original version that first appeared in installed on your device.

4 – Google Play Services
Should Google Play still does not work, then you can search Google Play Services to the application and click ‘Clear Cache’.

5 – Activate the Download Manager
If you disable the Download Manager, Google Play so that will not work anymore. To make it work again, you go to Settings, then select App Manager (or Apps depending on the version differences) and select All (all applications). Search and Download Manager and click Active (enabled).

6 – Remove Google account and re-enter
You go to the ‘My Account’ and select Google account you are using for Google Play. Remove conducted that account. After you finish removing conducted restart your phone. After rebooting you enter the first account again by going to Settings -> Accounts -> Add Account -> Google.