1Password for Android now with premium version and new features

A new update will be distributed for the Android version of 1Password, which now brings also the premium model. The basic version can therefore be downloaded for free, the full function or the premium features are there against a one-time in-app purchase.


Sony Xperia M2 Aqua launches waterproof smartphone with low cost

Sony has announced the Sony Xperia M2 Aqua, a new robust mid-range phone with 4.8-inch display, which will come in late September at a price of 249 euros in the trade. The 8-megapixel main camera with Exmor-RS sensor is a highlight of 8.6 millimeters thin Android smartphone that has a dust and water-proof housing, which is certified to IP 65 and IP 68.


Apple iPhone 6 will only have 1GB of RAM?

The release of the iPhone 6 is expected in September. Almost daily dive on new rumors about iPhone 6. All interesting information and rumors about the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone Air/6L. Get the new iPhone 6 again only 1GB of RAM?

iOS 8 vs. Android L vs. Windows Phone 8.1

iOS 8 vs. Android L vs. Windows Phone 8.1

Choosing the best of the new model mobile phones is really difficult. Each model will have their advocates and all have substantially improved on their previous models. Of the three, maybe Windows 8.1 has improved the most with the introduction of Cortana – Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s personal assistant, Siri and Google’s Google now.

what is 4G

What is 4G and do I need it?

4G stands for fourth generation mobile telecommunications and truly represents a revolution in mobile phone technology, with speeds up to five times faster than 3G, 4G enables the mobile phone user to surf the web, download videos and retrieve app updates a lot faster than before.

How to improve iPhone battery life

How to improve iPhone battery life

Iphone’s can chew through their battery life quickly, but by applying some smart tricks you can prolong your mobile’s battery life considerably. Here are some tips to improve your Iphone’s battery life.

How to Speed Up your Smartphone

How to Speed Up your Smartphone

Invariably over time, smart phones seem to slow down as more apps and data are loaded onto the phone, there are more demands placed upon the actual memory of the device. Simple tasks such as switching between apps or returning home get slower and slower and you may start to experience delay or lag everywhere