What is iOS? – Definition from PhonesOk

what is iOSiOS is the operating system behind the interface of your iPhones, iPod touches and iPads. It is the single most efficient competitor to Google’s open source mobile operating system Android and it has become very popular among Apple fans. It also features one of the most extensive mobile application stores, as the App Store features more than 1.2 million iOS applications, around half of which are optimized for the iPad.

The iOS was originally developed as “the iPhone Operating System”, but has since been redesigned and improved to effectively operate as the single operating system of the whole Apple product line that has internet or mobile applications in it.
The most common variation of the iOS is the iOS X, which is the desktop version of the mobile operating system and is currently used in the latest generation of the Mac computers. The X denotes the Roman numeral ten and indicates the current version of the operating system.

As mentioned before, the iOS is the single most popular and efficient competitor for Android, as the Symbian has been shut down by Microsoft and their own Windows Mobile operating system is just not good enough (well played Microsoft, well played). In the desktop operating system market however, Microsoft has managed to become and stay on top as the most popular operating system with their product, Microsoft Windows. It is the standard operating system in the PC market, but the iOS X has a strong following due to the success of the Mac computers in the recent years. Linux has also improved its existence as an operating system, mostly due to it being free and full customization to your needs.

Apple advertises iOS as an easy to use and secure interface, which is true in its own sense, but it also lacks the customization that Android grants its users. In the more recent years Apple has gathered such a wide following and loyal fan base that the only Android OS manufacturer who has been able to create a product line that amasses such following as the iPhones is Samsung. They have managed to lure the customers to their Galaxy line of mobile devices and got them hooked on the quality and wide amount of features. They have also implemented their own version of the Android user system, which is what differentiates the iOS and Apple from Android and the manufacturers using it as the operating system in their devices.
All in all the iOS is simply put a highly sophisticated operating system for Apple phones, Tablets, the iPod touch and their Mac computers.