How to Post a Question

For posting a question on, you will need to have an account, registration is Free, it only takes you 10 seconds to register.

First you will click on Sign up on the right of website as picture below

Next step, on registration form, you type your Username and E-mail into input boxes


After click on REGISTER button, you will have a notification the top of box


Now check your email to know Password for Login and Posting your questions

Note that: if you don’t see your account and password in your email at Inbox, You need to go Spam box to check, for any unwanted reasons, it could go to that.

Now go to Sign in on the top of website and login with your account provided in email. Click Log in button to Log in.


After Logged in successfully, you click on POST A QUESTION on Menu
Add Question title, Content, Publish in and click Submit Question to post a question on PhonesOk website.
If you have any difficulties in posting a question. Contact us for more information!