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    By following simple steps via iTunes software, you can transfer the iPhone SMS to a Windows or Mac computer into a special file for backup.

    Unlike regular email backups directly to the cloud, the SMS message is stored in the iPhone, so if there is something wrong, you will never find the important messages. Because iOS is a closed platform so there is no application backup or support recovery deleted SMS. Therefore, the easiest way to backup SMS is now to implement through iTunes software.

    Backup your data on your computer with iTunes iPhone
    Apple offers iCloud services to store backup data directly from your iOS device to the “cloud”. However, this service does not have the option to backup SMS as you want. To back up the data on your computer, you must connect the device directly to the computer and use iTunes software.

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    First of all, to mark the option “This computer” in the Backups to ensure the iPhone data will be backed up to the computer are connected. Then, click Back Up Now button to start the backup.

    Locate the backup file SMS
    After the backup process is complete, you will start looking for SMS data file stored on your computer by following paths, depending on the operating system:

    Windows XP or older versions: The file will be saved in the folder C> Documents and Settings> [username]> Application Data> Apple Computer> MobileSync> Backup.

    Windows 7 and 8: The file will be saved into the folder: C> Users> [username]> AppData> Roaming> Apple Computer> MobileSync> Backup .

    Mac OS X: The file will be saved in a folder: User> Library> Application Support> MobileSync> Backup.

    In the Backup folder, you will see one or more subfolders named by the random sequence of letters and numbers. Please select the date folder with the most recent edit. Inside that folder, select the file named like 3d0d7e5fb2ce7uieyr409921nmnh4382j272k23jk23 and copy to wherever you want to store backup.

    View SMS backup file
    After getting SMS this particular file (usually an extension .mdbackup or .mddata), you must upload it to the site and converted to iPhone-formatted SMS Excel, HTML, or PDF to be viewed on any computer.

    The SMS messages will appear as a list grouped by senders, including the date column, the sender phone number (or the recipient), the state (Sent or Received) and detailed content.

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