should buy BB Z10 or Z3?

This time I am having around $240 and going to buy a smart phone, and I’m wondering whether to buy Z3 (stable configuration, strong battery, easy visual appearance) or Z10 (highly configurable, sleek, but the battery is low and heard rumors or faulty) . His place in the line BB usable Android App, I felt very comfortable. What you have ever used over 2 these phones, give me any suggestions?. Thank you!

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    I used Z10 and my colleagues used Z3. I can give you reivews as follows:

    1/ About Z3
    – Stable when holding in hands.
    – The screen resolution is not large but highly.
    – Strong battery
    – Can not install Google maps

    2/ Z10
    – Ergonomic design
    – Definition Screen
    – Better photography Z3 Camera (5MP 8MP compared to the Z3)
    – Pin bit weak but if only hear calls and web surfing (no gaming) then OK
    – Can not install Google maps

    According to me, you should choose Z10, it’s stable and good smartphone.

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