should I stick with Apple and Samsung or give HTC a chance?

I am not only looking for a good phone but also a good company to stand behind that phone. That being the case, should I stick with Apple and Samsung or give HTC a chance?

Can you give me any ideas?

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    In today’s world, customer service has definitely taken a back seat in almost every industry. You may have to wait on the phone for hours and then still not have a solution to your problem. In my opinion, Apple is the worst of the bunch as it pertains to their customer service solutions (especially when it comes to the warranties they have in place for their products). Samsung in substantially better and seems to stand behind their product better as well. The surprise is HTC. With their new flagship phone, the windows 8 HTC One they have surpassed their competition by more than a little. Add into this services such as free cracked screen replacement and you have just hit the jackpot. While I have no personal experience as of yet (I am still rocking the Galaxy after all) the reports that have filtered back in to me are all good! Low wait times, helpful staff, no technical double-speak…I’d go ahead and give HTC a chance if I were you (and I will be next time I need a new phone).

    Just my 2 cents!

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