The 32 gig iPad or the 64 gig, that is the question! Which one should I buy?

Is the additional price worth the extra memory or will that money be wasted while the memory sits unused?

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    Hi lanczy
    Whether to buy the 32 gig ipad or the 64 gig iPad, as are most things, is up to the individual and their needs. To make a smart decision you will need to assess exactly what your primary use of your new iPad is going to be. What are you making this purchase for? Will it be used like a personal computer? Will you be taking and storing lots of pictures or saving lots of music on it? Would you like the extra space, just in case? If the answer to those questions are yes, then (budget permitting) I would suggest you go with the larger 64 gig iPad and its increased storage capabilities. If you will merely be playing games, reading e-books or money is an issue, then the 32 gig iPad would likely be a sufficient choice for you.

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