What is the difference between the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C?

In an age where one product is outdated by the time it is available on the shelf, is it worth the price to upgrade from the iPhone 5C to the iPhone 5S?

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    The iPhone 5C runs a 32-bit 1Ghz Apple A6 processor chip. While this chip is quite speedy and, in my opinion, plenty powerful for a smartphone the iPhone 5S brings in a new chipset which the tech hungry may want to upgrade to. Rocking the new Apple A7 chip, iPhone has brought 64-bit chips into the smartphone world (the first smartphone with 64-bit capability). For those who don’t know, this means that the iPhone 5S can process twice as much information simultaneously as the previous 32-bit chips. So what does this really mean? Well…it means you will be able to pull up your apps a few milliseconds faster. Whether or not that is worth spending the money for the upgrade is an individual matter but for the money, I’d go ahead and wait until a new phone comes out with significant improvements.

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