What is the difference between the standard iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S?

I’m getting a problem when I wanted to choose a iPhone 5s but I don’t know what is the difference between the standard iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S?
Anyone can suggest me how to know exact iPhone that I want.

Thanks in advanced.

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    Hi Helen,

    While looking almost identical at a glance, the iPhone 5S improves upon the iPhone 5 in almost every way. Starting with the new 64-bit Apple A7 processor for crazy fast processing speeds it also adds a dedicated M7 chip for measuring motion. The iPhone 5S also brings a new security feature along with it, Touch ID. This is a fingerprint scanner housed within the home button, doing away with the need for passwords and allowing instant security unlock just by touching the button. With more megapixels and the True Tone flash, the iPhone 5S also brings more quality to all your pictures and even slow motion video capture! With a ton of new features as well as the new processor, the iPhone 5S is a big step up and may well be worth the money for the upgrade.

    Hope it helps!

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