what smartphones I should buy in 2014?

Hi friends,
i want to know what smartphones I should buy in 2014?
I’m consider Galaxy S5, LG G3, HTC One M8 or iPhone 5S. Are all they good?
Please give me any reviews 🙂

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    If you want to buy a new smartphone this month, of course, you can choose Galaxy S5, LG G3, HTC One M8 or iPhone 5S.
    List of most smartphones worth buying in this year:

    Nokia Lumia 1520
    enter image description here
    1520’s Lumia Windows Phone phablet first. With 6 inch giant screen, the device has many “land” over the application and the Live Tiles box on the main screen. Read the newspaper, watch movies or play games on 1520 and “was” much more.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3
    enter image description here
    More than 2 years ago, Samsung gives users the concept of “phablet” smartphone tablet hybrid Galaxy Note. Until now, Note was the third generation and is about to step into the fourth generation in the second half of 2014, Note 3 using 5.7 inch screen but thinner and lighter than the previous product. Machine accompanying S Pen stylus for drawing or note. This is the best phablet present.
    However, the Korean electronics giant has set the launch date Note 4 to 3/9 here. You should wait more than a month to own the latest equipment.

    LG G3
    enter image description here
    LG has introduced the G3 in March 5/2014. Computer ownership Quad HD 5.5 inch screen and sharp laser-focus camera. Front camera with large aperture allows virtual flash photography “masturbation” flawless team. In addition, the device has the ability to identify hand gestures to activate countdown 3 seconds before shooting.
    Those accustomed to the hard keys on either side of the edge or ridge will find quite strange when using G3 for manufacturers to transfer all the keys back.

    Motorola Moto X
    enter image description here
    Moto X is one of the best Android phones, the most pure and agreeable price. Motorola introduce a number of new features for the Google platform as the ability to check notifications from the lock screen or launch applications photographed by shaking the phone.

    Google Nexus 5
    enter image description here
    Sample the latest Google Nexus collaboration with LG. Like previous Nexus life, Nexus 5 running Android version “clean”, meaning the company or home network does not interfere, that modification on. It also has the advantage of receiving software updates first. Machine has only half the price of high-end smartphones but not nice camera.

    Samsung Galaxy S5
    enter image description here
    Galaxy S5’s “trump card” in the first half of 2014 by Samsung. Instead of stuffing a pile of unnecessary features to the product, the Korean electronics company focused on improving what most users need. Galaxy S5 5.1 inch screen is sharp and expert assessment is the best present. The camera of the device also spectacular results.

    OnePlus One
    enter image description here
    If you want a phone with a 5.5 inch screen, good software, powerful configuration, OnePlus One is choosing not to be missed. This is the startup OnePlus products come from China, costs only 300 USD for an unlocked version online, cheaper by half than the iPhone 5s or Galaxy S5. The downside is not easy to buy unless you receive an invitation from the One who owns OnePlus.

    HTC One M8
    enter image description here
    HTC One M8 is the best Android smartphone available today. Similar to HTC One, version 2014 with beautifully designed combination of glass and metal. It also has a rear camera which acts as the depth sensor to image editing after shooting, the focus changes.

    One M8 HTC Google Edition
    enter image description here
    HTC Google teaming One M8 create pure Google version. Thus, you will not be bothered by the software’s manufacturer or the network, receive updates and operating system soon.

    iPhone 5S
    enter image description here
    For many people, the iPhone 5s is still the best smartphone market despite being born almost a year. It balances the design, features, applications and content repositories. Still looks no different than the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s to be equipped with better camera, fingerprint sensor to unlock or mobile payments.
    It is worth noting that Samsung and Apple are preparing the launch the new iPhone in September generations to come. If you would like a larger iPhone screen (4.7 inch and 5.5 inch), you should wait.

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