3 ways to run Android Apps on Windows

Sometimes there are very interesting application is only available on Android but not appear in other operating systems, you want to try but do not know what to do? Absolutely can try on windows with the following integrated softwares.

1 – BlueStacks
BlueStacks is a simple software but can not reproduce the entire operating system, but the game allows you to test any application on your PC. All you need is manipulated to create a Google account to download the app from Google Play.


BlueStacks even Amazon Appstore for Android support and all other store that this software has the ability to integrate.

If you use Windows 8 touch, you can download the full game required from Android touchscreen, screen or using simple mouse operations.

If you already have an Android device, the BlueStacks will also become more convenient. Just sync from the device to the PC, you can use the Android app.

2 – YouWave
YouWave allow free use for 10 days, long enough to be able to test on Android. Others with BlueStacks, YouWave help you to experience the Android operating system full version, including the main screen, the app menu and other things.


This software does not include a variety of applications inside, but you can install Google Play to install other applications.

3 – Official Android Emulator
Integration was developed by major publishers Google, for developers to test applications. However, users can also utilize this application to Android experience on the PC, provided you have Java installed Windows.


After installing the software, click Tools -> Manage AVDs -> New, choose an Android device like the Nexus S and Android versions to try. Click OK to finish and you will have all of the Android operating system so feel free to experiment.

Although this software is not effective operation by 2 software but it is also a good software to use. Remember, Android is an operating system for smartphones, so whether integrated on PC will also encounter certain obstacles, especially for those without a computer touchscreen.